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Textile product characteristics

Textile raw materials mainly include cotton, wool, wool, cocoon silk, chemical fiber, feather, feather and so on.

in the downstream industry mainly include apparel, home textiles, industrial textiles, etc. segment down, including cotton, chemical fiber, linen textile, wool textile, silk, textile, dyeing, knitting industry.

Textile industry is also a highly polluting industries. 60% of the wastewater discharge from dyeing and printing industry, and forever replica watches sale heavy pollution and high treatment difficulty, wastewater YongLv low back.. Chemical fiber industry in the process of production, some products use large amounts of acid and alkali, and harmful material such as sulfur, sulfuric acid, sulfate, causing serious pollution to the environment. In addition, MAO the pretreatment process of flax industry is also the focus of industry wastewater discharge. In terms of energy consumption, textile machinery, chemical machinery electricity consumption is very outstanding. Chemical rolex replica fiber industry, the total energy consumption 10% - 30% higher than the foreign advanced level.