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日照AO齐tells the history of the metallic yarn line source

Tang dynasty recorded at that time, a total of 14 with gold, which used in the weaving "came gold" and "zhijin", etc.Song dynasty promoted the extensive use of gold and silver threads of fabric, such as "came gold satin", "zhijin Zhu silk" and "lost", the stone "and so on.The works of Ming dynasty to open "detailing the traditional manufacturing technology of metallic yarn threads.
The traditional gold and silver line is divided into two types: flat gold thread and round gold thread.Since the 1940 s, the development of chemical fiber thin film, metallic yarn line is composed of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film clip to glue a layer of aluminum foil cut into small cubes.And produced metallic yarn polyester line.With polyester thin film coated with vacuum aluminum plating, appearance is colorless or colored transparent coating, or the vacuum aluminum plating polyester film laminated with aluminized mylar, And then cut into flat wire, add different colors of paint, gold and silver in color gold and silver line or double color can also be made.
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