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Congratulations日照AO齐Metallic yarn factory Website open

Factory since the date of the establishment of specialized production metallic yarn products, is a set of vacuum aluminum, stained in a modern manufacturing metallic yarn, embroidery line enterprise.We specialize in producing metallic yarn prices, metallic yarn wholesale, metallic yarn join, purl prices, purl wholesale price of embroidery thread, embroidery thread wholesale.All products are made of aluminized polyester film via vacuum, coating color processing technology, such soft texture, color gorgeous metallic yarn, product type Package A-, L-, M-and S-type (embroidery thread) , acid purl five series.Have: 7 colour (rainbow), laser, light gold fake rolex watches, deep gold, green gold, silver, silver grey, the fruit, red, green, blue, purple, black and so on all sorts of color of metallic yarn thread, products are widely applied to trademark weaving, wool yarn, knitted fabric, warp knitted fabric. 

The company specializing in the production of metallic yarn silk series product is made of polyester film again after vacuum aluminum plating, paint coating process such as processing into a soft texture, colour and lustre is gorgeous metallic yarn (gold and silver silk).Color is rich, there are: 7 colour (rainbow), laser, light gold, deep gold cheap replica rolex watches uk, green gold, silver, silver grey, red, green, blue, purple, black, etc.Products are widely used in weaving trademark, wool yarn, knitted fabric, knitting, woven fabrics, embroidery, hosiery, accessories, handicrafts, fashion, decorative cloth, tie, gift packaging, and so on.