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The history of metallic yarn

The gold and silver as the main raw material made of yarn or fiber thin strips membrane with gold and silver luster。The traditional gold and silver line is divided into two flat gold thread and round gold line。Make gold foil adhesive on the paper cut into thin strips is around 0.5 mm into flat gold thread, then flat gold replica watches wire wrapped in cotton or silk thread round gold thread。Now some rare traditional fabrics such as brocade is still with the traditional gold and silver silk。Developed in the 1940 s of the chemical fiber thin film of gold and silver line, consists of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film clip to glue a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into small cubes。Later appeared with polyester film manufactured by crossing the aluminum, plus color coating technology of metallic yarn polyester line. Gold and silver polyester lines to gold and silver with metallic yarn double color, colorful silk, rainbow lines, fluorescent fake watches uk lines, etc。