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metallic yarn sold inventory processing

Rizhao AO qi metallic yarn thread factory specializing in the production of all kinds of gold and silver wire. Gold and silver thread. Golden onion powder. Colorful silk, gold and silver wire resistance to acid and alkali resistant to high temperature,Perrelet Replica  etc. Products cover M type. MH type. MX type. ST type, gold and silver line series of products using polyester film vacuum aluminum plating coating paint and other craft processing into a soft texture。Colour and lustre is gorgeous gold and silver line. There's a rainbow, laser, light gold, deep gold, silver, red, green, blue, purple, black, etc... Another supply Japan liguang gold and silver wire, wire resistance to acid and alkali, resistance to high temperature and high pressure dyeing。Applicable georgette, chiffon fabrics such as reduction process, suitable for polyester double reduction after treatment essence bleaching and dyeing。Gold and silver silk used throughout cotton silk refining, oxygen bleaching treatment, etc., can be high temperature, high pressure processing under the same light, the range of the high count cotton silk fabrics of high demand process etc。metallic yarn metallic yarn