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Containing metallic yarn maintenance method of knitwear

Containing metallic yarn wire or with sequins sweaters, wearing fashionable bright, but improper washing, can make metallic yarn thread and damaged the luster of sequins, the effect of impact wear again, so the washing when had better pay attention to the following:
1, with a neutral detergent, alkaline detergent will weaken the gold and silver line burnish brightness and sequins;
2, below 30 ℃ warm water, put the right amount of neutral detergent stirring, then folding sweater into the water, press gently with the cheap rolex replica watches palm, let the clothes soak completely in detergent;
3, his hands gently pull knitwear, let scour completely immerses garments, repeated "light pressure" and "pull" step;
4, folding the good replica watches uk sale sweater with the hand to pick up the light pressure, drain the water;
5, clean water, repeat steps 3-5 twice, into softener over again, dehydration after 30 seconds flat place to dry。