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There are many different kinds of embroidery thread color

Embroidery thread color variety, can now let you embroidery more bright, also more realistic.With high quality natural fiber or chemical fiber spinning processing of embroidery thread.Is a great variety of embroidery thread, in accordance with the raw material is divided into silk, wool, cotton embroidery thread, etc.Silk replica omega watches is made of silk or rayon, mostly used for silk embroidery, embroidery bright color and bright, is a kind of decoration, but strength is low, not washing and drying.Hair made of wool or wool blended yarn, generally embroidered in wool, linen fabric and fleece, embroidery color replica breitling watches soft, soft texture, full of stereo feeling, commonly known as floss, but less shiny, easy to fade, do not wash.Cotton is made from combed cotton yarn, high strength, and the uniform, bright color and chromatography is complete, the luster is good, fast, washable, no burr, embroidery on cotton, linen, synthetic fiber fabric, beautiful and easy, which has been widely applied.China's cotton embroidery thread into fine and coarse, fine adapt machine embroidery, hand embroidered, embroidered surface fine and beautiful.Coarse count only hand embroidery, embroidered work, high efficiency, but the surface is rough.