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Difficulties textile industry

Industry experts believe that the textile industry from the Chinese environment, textiles difficulty is "three rate two price", ie interest rates, the export tax rebate rates, exchange rates and raw material prices and labor prices.metallic yarn

Exchange rate.Relative to labor costs, lower export tax rebates and other factors, the yuan continues to appreciate bring greater pressure on exports, more far-reaching,Continued appreciation in the yuan has become the export enterprises of a talk about the biggest negative.Enterprise price space is close to the limit, now export amount has been on the decline, new price will only lead to transfer orders to other international market.metallic yarn

Export tax rebates.So-called focuses on general trade export tax rebate, the processing trade, theoretically can cut export tax rebates to curb overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity, reduce resource waste and pollution is more direct.However, textile industry as labor-intensive industry, profit space is very limited, and a low profit margin, the adjustment of export tax refund too hard, a large number of textile enterprises.

The interest rate.Facing inflationary pressures, monetary policy tightening has become a monetary policy, in view of the overall economic trouble textile industry, bank know this clearly, so the large FangQi loan from the bank also is very difficult.metallic yarn