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Textile Handicraft Industryof Status

1、Backward technical equipment,Lack of new product development。According to statistics,Chinese cheap replica breitling watches sale(Textile industry、Garment industry、Manufacture of Chemical Fibers)Output value accounted for Approximately 61%, 28%, 11%。In addition to chemistry fiber production technology and Clothing of the backbone enterprises Sewing Equipment Close to international advanced level beyond,Yarn、Weaving、Dyeing and Traditional craft And the world advanced level There is a wide gap。

2、Compliant Low。China's textile enterprises Is still in low-end production stage。Some 80% of the Enterprises producing middle and low product、6% of the enterprise Production of high-end products,4% of the enterprise Production quality is low low price products,Only 10% of companies Produce high quality replica breitling for sale products。

3、Lack of highly qualified human resources。Industry lacks brand operation、Capital OPERATIONS RESEARCH、International contacts of talent,Lack of experience in internationalized operation and Adapt to international competition of the compound talents。

4、Lack of brand management idea。traditional,Small scale,Products a single,Still large proportion of processing trade,Deal with international competition Inadequate means,In the integration phase。