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Metallic yarn little knowledge

Now, some senior traditional fabrics such as traditional Chinese and Japanese west array weave in China is still using traditional gold and silver thread. Since the 1940 s, the development of chemical fiber thin film of gold and silver replica breitling watches line, consists of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film clip to glue a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into small cubes. Later, and the gold and silver polyester line. It was based on polyester thin film coated with vacuum aluminum plating, appearance is colorless or colored transparent coating, or the vacuum aluminum plating polyester film laminated with not aluminized mylar, then cut into flat wire, with different colors of paint, can be made into lines to gold and silver double color or the color of gold and silver. Through special process lines to also can be made into a rainbow, fluorescence, etc. Using gold and silver line can make fabric has richly luxurious style. Gold and silver line fineness symmetry, with bright color, good hot replica rolex watches color fastness, high strength, no mark, acid and alkali resistant, soaping and rubbing.