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Metallic yarn fabrics is introduced

Wire commonly known as "gold and silver wire, wire" made for decorative silk weaving. Chemical methods for mainly two kinds of gold and silver, so the name. "line" is the habit of calling, sleeping actually is no piece of silk. Ancient gold . cheap replica breitling uk and silver silk is by hand into a thin foil, mounted on the thin skin or a piece of paper, and then cut into filaments, known as "flat line" gold and silver, the expensive ingredient heavy, into line is thick and hard, easy to wear, easy to change color. 
Modern common varieties of gold and silver line is made of polyester film with vacuum du LI. Originated in the United States in the early 1950 s, our country is beginning to form industrial production in the 70 s. 
The gold and silver silk, thin, soft, light, color bright, Panerai Replica the bottom price. Mainly include: 1, gold and silver polyester line, single-layer polyester film vacuum after crossing the LI, protective film, coating resin used for dyeing fabrics, 2, and composite metallic yarn, for the two layers of polyester film, LI of a layer of foil to will be dyed fabrics, 3, and circle line of gold and silver thread is multi-purpose theater stage clothing, today's fashion (fashion). 4, in addition to "the rainbow color cartier replica watches gold and silver" is suitable for design and color of fabric, decorative fabric in particular