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Metallic yarn production principle

Is to use Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica physical methods will degrees on the color of PET polyester film cut into very fine silk!Gold and silver thread is gold and silver wire + polyester or rayon yarn twist into filaments!Mainly used for embroidery and craft accessories! Widely used in handicrafts, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries and weaving yarn, yarn, knitted fabric, warp knitting fabric, woven fabric, clothing accessories, decorative cloth, sofa cloth and other products processing, is an ideal lining ACTS the http://www.quickdownpdf.com/  role of raw materials。The processing of woven cloth and clothing, appear elegant and generous, noble and gorgeous feeling. However, because the gold and silver line is use the method of physical vacuum aluminum plating on polyester film or vacuum plating silver color processing later。So the chemical properties of the gold and silver line is not stable, cannot be used as common textile fiber。Aluminium film of gold and silver threads are not alkali resistance; Silver film not acid, silver sulfide membrane contact will be black, stretch or heavy friction will result in metal coating。