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Metallic yarn he show superb techniques

The 62 - year - old zhang works in satin needlework "dragon"。He told reporters that such a work need 10 kinds of different color, texture, needlework 10 days to complete。According to introducing, "dragon" of needlework technique used in flat embroidery "inclined golden shield" and insert "golden shield" two kinds, with colorful silk thread, gold and silver line silk such as needlework, fill and outline。Reporter sees zhang SAN stitch skilled, online order line down in gold, and gold thread column in her hand, soon had a large pattern shape。

Zhang SAN's superb skill attracted many citizens stop to appreciate, you are saying "like"。Resident mr.zhang said, before National Day long vacation rest specially to watch "gold and silver he"。"Zhang SAN's eyesight is really good, nothing like more than 60 years old, so fast, too。"Zhang said with a smile after listen to, in fact, his former is myopia, can be embroidered the 47 years old flower, myopia instead。metallic yarn metallic yarn