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Metallic yarn manufacturers introduced products, raw materials

Gold and silver thread is the gold, silver as the main raw material made of yarn or with gold and silver luster chemical fiber thin strip of film。The traditional gold and silver line is divided into two flat gold thread and round gold line

Gold and silver line manufacturer shandong rizhao rizhao AO qi silk factory since the date of establishment of specialized production of metallic yarn series products,Is a collection of vacuum aluminum plating, dyed in a body's modernized production of metallic yarn, embroidery line of business。Gold and silver wire manufacturer sun AO qi silk factory specializing in the production of gold and silver silk, embroidery thread。We are specializing in the production of gold and silver prices, wholesale line, gold and silver line to join, the price of gold and silver silk, gold and silver silk wholesale, price of embroidery thread, embroidery thread wholesale。