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metallic yarn line in the developing constantly changing

Gold and silver line is widely used in the production life of the product, its development experience for a long time。Gold and silver wire, in development in various features.

Song dynasty promoted the fabric of the use of a lot of gold and silver line, "characterized by open content is detailed in the Ming dynasty the manufacturing process of traditional gold and silver threads。The traditional gold and silver line is divided into flat gold (or gold) and gold (or gold) came round two kinds big。Since the 1940 s, the development of chemical fiber thin film, gold and silver line is composed of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film clip to glue a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into small cubes。Later, and the gold and silver polyester line. Gold and silver line can make the fabric have richly luxurious style。Gold and silver line fineness symmetry, with bright color, good color fastness, high strength, no mark, acid and alkali resistant, soaping and rubbing.

Shandong rizhao rizhao AO qi, gold and silver silk factory specialized production silk series products are widely used in the trademark weaving, wool yarn, knitted fabric, warp knitted fabric。